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Welcome to Westflight Energy

Who Are We

Westflight Ltd is a long established independent company with its origins in engineering and agriculture. Innovation, quality, environmental responsibility and putting the customer first have always been part of its ethos. Since the 1960’s when it first developed and manufactured micro wind powered off grid electrical systems for remote hill farms Westflight has maintained a strong interest in the development of renewable energy technologies.


Chris Brooks - Director

Another 150kW Ground Mount

150kW Ground Mounted Solar PV Installation In Powys

Because the site has a high water table and is capable of minor flooding during exceptional rain the inverter cabins and the main switch room are mounted 300mm above surface soil level. To prevent possible damage from inquisitive sheep all DC and AC cabling is either underground or at a minimum of 1.8m above ground level…read more


150kW Ground Mounted Solar PV Installation In Powys

What We Do

Westflight specialise in the design, supply and installation of turnkey Solar PV systems from 1kWp to 1MW as roof mounts, static ground mounts or solar tracking systems for domestic, agricultural and industrial customers.

We do not offer land rental or similar schemes. All of our installations are Client / Bank financed which means that 100% of the site revenue is retained by the client.

With our long experience in electrical and mechanical engineering Westflight is well equipped to understand our customer’s needs and provide a complete and cost effective solution from an initial feasibility study right through to commissioning and grid connection.

Westflight EnerSys - What We Do - Solar Panels

Our Core Values

To understand and respect our customers needs and to always communicate in an open and honest way, even when things are not straightforward. To be innovative in finding solutions which deliver excellent performance in the most cost effective way possible. To work to the highest standards in respect of technical support, engineering, training and especially safety.

We will always be responsible for our actions, especially when we occasionally get it wrong. The basis to our approach is the supply of high quality components, supported by the highest standard of technical service and engineering support.

Westflight EnerSys - Our Core Values

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